525 xc battery drains when key is on
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    525 xc battery drains when key is on

    As the title states when I turn the key on the battery drops in voltage so much that it doesn't even have a chance of turning over due to lack of voltage. I replaced the battery with a 150cca lithium, and a new starter. Both of which the old ones were fine. I put the volt meter on the battery and its a healthy 13v or so and drops to 5v when i turn on the key. Anyone have a clue on what it could be? It was doing fine until one day when I tried to start it. It does not have lights or a light switch on it due to set up for xc. I have found that if I pull the fuse that I believe is for the lights the drain is not there. So it appears to be a short. But for some reason then the Solenoid will not click over. Does it have to have this fuse in to run? Any help would be appreciated.

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    I mean from what you’ve said it sounds like someone removed the lights and cut something they shouldn’t have. One way to go would be to get a race cut harness from Walt Schumacher. He has a website with some pretty cool stuff you might be interested in as well. That’s probably the way I would go if you. Or you can chase wires and find the short. If you read Walt’s page it’ll tell you that the wiring harness actually needs very few fuses, and I believe his harness only uses 1.


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