525 xc battery drains when key is on
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    525 xc battery drains when key is on

    As the title states when I turn the key on the battery drops in voltage so much that it doesn't even have a chance of turning over due to lack of voltage. I replaced the battery with a 150cca lithium, and a new starter. Both of which the old ones were fine. I put the volt meter on the battery and its a healthy 13v or so and drops to 5v when i turn on the key. Anyone have a clue on what it could be? It was doing fine until one day when I tried to start it. It does not have lights or a light switch on it due to set up for xc. I have found that if I pull the fuse that I believe is for the lights the drain is not there. So it appears to be a short. But for some reason then the Solenoid will not click over. Does it have to have this fuse in to run? Any help would be appreciated.


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