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    Stalling out

    Hi, I have a 08 525 I had previously broke a valve spring causing me to do a whole rebuild over winter. Now my problem is that it will stall out randomly. It will run great for maybe 15-20 minutes then randomly die and act as if it’s running out of gas and won’t start back up unless I let it sit for atleast 10 minutes. What would be causing this? Ran great last season before breaking valve a spring

    Quad has
    Ported head
    Stage 3 Webb cam
    Webb valve springs

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    Pull hot start when trying to start it (red knob above choke), bet it fires up. If that happens go down one on your pilot and re-adjust fuel screw. Only jet once up to full operating temp. If that doesn’t work, my next look would be to make sure carb is 100% clean and valves are in spec.


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