2006 ktm 400 exc
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    2006 ktm 400 exc

    Hey guys ! So I bought this exc and I feel kinda let down . I just had a 2001 KTM 520 sx and that thing ripped man . Now I have this nice and very clean 2006 KTM 400 exc and you know I did the regular I things a normal person does like cleaned that carb Out and tuned it up as best as possible . Now It's starting and idols fine but as soon as I give it some gas it bogs out badly . There's no tapping on the motor all the Jets seem fine and clear it starts just fine . I checked all the wiring everything is pieced together professionally . All the seals are great no leaks any where . I really need some insight guys it would greatly be appreciated any tips or knowledge on it . I don't think I would need to change the plug out on this since it starts and idols fine . Let me know any thing that can help ! Please and thanks guys and gals .

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    Assuming it has an fcr carb, first I make certain valves are in spec. If I have a bog issue on throttle hit, (when your bike is warm, if it’s cold it will bog normally) but when you slowly rev the bike up and the mid-WOT range is fine, then I’m willing to bet your issue lies in the AP or pilot jet is slightly off, too rich if I had to guess. When you say you cleaned your Carb, did you check the accelerator pump and blow out all passages? Sometimes the diaphragm in then is screwed or maybe it was put in backwards or what have you. You can take the intake off and look down the carb throat, Stab the trottle, you should see a steady squirt of fuel for a few seconds.
    The last thing that sometimes needs done is you simply just need an adjustable leak jet. All carbs do not respond perfectly like EFI, if your bog is slight, it’s just because the carb has met its capabilities in my experience and you need the adjustable AP.

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    when you say "cleaned the carb out" - did you fully disassemble and clean each of the jets, or just clean out the float bowls? If you did not clean the jets and give them a good shot of compressed air I can guarantee that is where the problem lies. What you are describing sounds exactly like gunged up jets from varnish from fuel that has sat too long.

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    If it has an fcr carburetor, another issue could be the mid body gaskets on them. They go out after time and the carbs are junk after that. My friend has rebuilt mine and a few of my other friends. They use to not sell the gaskets, but now moose racing sells them. I am sure you can find some videos on YouTube. I know they are tiny torx head screws you have to remove. Sounds like you might have that issue
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