Vin help!!!! Please 😅
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    Vin help!!!! Please 😅

    I have what I believe to be a 2009 unsure on what cc or model because Iíve bought it as a project and in the process of getting it running right with a banshee 350 motor!
    I really wanna road legal this bike but in struggling to find the vin, Iíve sanded back between the upper and lower a arm mounts and found nothing. Just concerned itís been lost when powder coating.
    Iíd be really grateful for any help!
    I also read about it being behind the bumper but all I can see is a 10-11 digit number but looks like a casting number rather than a vin.

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    Mine was taken off when I power coated my frame. It used to be between the right top a-arm if I remember correctly. It was either lasered or pressed into the black powder coat the frame. Not sure why it was done that way.
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