Cooling Vest - Ever try one?
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    Question Cooling Vest - Ever try one?

    Lets face it we race in some pretty knarly conditions, including the heat of summer. I was wondering if anyone here has tried a cooling vest under their jersey? I've spent the last hour researching them; there are a few different types (ice pack, gel, phase change, etc) at a few different price ranges. There are some reviews and comparisons of these, however I was unable to find one specifically done that would compare to a XC race in 90-100+ degree weather. Most are street bike guys, or hikers from what I saw.

    It appears to me, after an hour of searching the best vest is Glacier Tek's, for $179 RPCM Cool Vest Store - Concealable RPCM® Cooling Vest - White

    I also saw Fly racing makes one, for $40. Cooling Vest | Fly Racing

    I read that ice pack vests can be too cold at first to wear on bare skin, and the gel packs aren't quite as strong/long lasting as the others. It seems to me that phase change packs are the way to go, especially since most can be recharged in 20 minutes or so in ice water, or so I've read.

    Anyone ever try one? Anyone have a review before I try one of these out? I've seen Reed wear one during outdoors once, couldn't see the brand though. Made me wonder how many other pros wear them, or maybe how many of YOU wear them!
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    how would something like under armor work with racing stuff on? just an idea. I would agree that an ice pack would be too cold at first. I would choose one of the other two but have never bought or used any of them.

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    Actually the idea looks great, but hows the safeness of it? I think having a mesh made riding jacket would be safer.


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