Stay Warm and Comfortable at Any Weather with Heated Gear from
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    Stay Warm and Comfortable at Any Weather with Heated Gear from

    Sometimes adding an extra layer of clothing is a good idea if you want to remain warm and protected during a winter trip, but more clothes mean that your movements could be restricted, which reduces your riding comfort and make it unsafe. Today, you can find a more elegant solution to the problem and get a set of electrically-heated gear and pieces of riding apparel. They include heating elements powered by rechargeable batteries or connected directly into the electrical system of your KTM ATV.

    We offer the best electrically-heated gear by some of the most reputable brands in the business, such as Joe Rocket, FirstGear, Warm & Safe, Gobi Heat, and others. On our digital shelves, you can find top-notch gloves, shirts, jacket liners, pants, socks, insoles, and more. When it is not so cold, you can wear those items as regular clothes.

    Joe Rocket® - Rocket Burner Men's Leather Gloves -

    Premium Leather outer construction
    Stainless core heating system
    3 Stage heat setting with up to 4 hours of capacity
    Conductive materials at the finger tips and thumb for instant touchscreen access
    Waterproof, breathable, windproof HiPora® liner
    Lumidex® highly reflective panels on forefingers
    Full leather palm
    Articulated Full Flex™ panels over knuckles for mobility
    Integrated 100% Polyurethane knuckle armor
    High-density padding on fingers
    Adjustable cuff closure
    Reflective stripes
    Shield wiper on the thumb

    FirstGear® - 12V Heated Men's Jacket Liner -

    The classic Heated Jacket Liner designed to keep the rider warm.
    It comes in men's and women's specific fits.
    Form-fitted to be worn close to the body for optimal heat transfer.
    Liners built to be temperature neutral to allow wearing when active heating isn't necessary.

    Warm & Safe® - Generation WindBlock Men's Heated Pants Liner –

    48W of Heat using New Soft Heat Pure Science Heating Method
    Stretch Gelanots in front as a wind stop
    Anti-bacterial, Moisture Management Spandex to keep heat against the body
    Pocket Designed for to take the Remote Heat-troller
    Single or Dual Controller Functionality
    Packs into its included zippered pouch
    Built to offer excellent functionality and quality
    Perfect to enhance your comfort and safety

    Gobi Heat® - Tread Heated Socks -

    Long length to keep you toasty
    Green, Amber, or Red LED light clearly shows the selected setting for clear, easy-to-understand use
    Battery pocket sits above your boots
    Machine washable: Gentle cycle
    TREAD HEATED SOCKS: Heat right where you need in - at the toes
    Thick and cozy while fitting nicely into boots/shoes, ski/snowboard boots
    Remotely controlled temperature
    3 heat level settings: Low, Medium, and High
    Steel-fiber heating elements
    BATTERY: 2 Ultra-slim 2400 mAh/7.4 volt Li-Po battery
    Battery charge level indicator
    Runs for up to 12 hours on a single charge
    Compact Micro USB charger included
    MATERIALS: 100% Cotton

    ActionHeat® - Rechargeable Battery Heated Insoles -

    Heats up to 130F for up to 8+ hours
    Easy-to-use wireless remote control with 3 heat settings
    An integrated heating system with built-in 3.7V rechargeable batteries
    Ultra-thin and lightweight design for maximum comfort
    Fits in all types of footwear, shoes, and boots
    The highest grade materials and the latest technologies
    Fabric: Deodorized breathable fleece-lined soft shell
    Estimated Heating Times:
    High (III): 130F - 3+ Hours
    Medium (II): 110F - 5+ Hours
    Low (I): 110F - 8+ Hours
    ActionHeat Insole Sizing:
    Cut-to-fit adjustable sizing with an easy guide.
    S/M: Men's 4-9, Women's 5.5-10
    L/XL: Men's 9.5+, Women's 10.5+

    These products are just a few samples from our store.
    Click on the image to enter the product page for more information.
    Press the "shop now" button to browse the full catalog of heated gear at

    If you have any questions, feel free to ask me or call 888.903.4348 (toll free) to speak with one of our specialists.
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