Migrate Outlook data from PST files to G Suite
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    Migrate Outlook data from PST files to G Suite

    You can easily import data from Outlook PST file into your G Suite or Gmail account using Outlook to Gmail Migration tool from vMail Tools. This software migrates mail, calendars, and contacts to users’ G Suite accounts from UNICODE / ANSI PST files. vMail Outlook to Gmail Tool is capable of restore data from encrypted and corrupt PST file without losing any data.

    For this migration process, you just need to create an App Passwords from your Google account security settings. You can use this Account and App password in vMail PST to G Suite Migration Tool to import all data from PST file.

    Software Link- Migrate PST to G Suite

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    Step 1: Exchange server details
    Run GSMME: Click Start and then G Suite Migration and then G Suite Migration for Microsoft Exchange.
    For Server Type, select Exchange.
    Select the Specify a folder with PST files option.
    In the Folder with PST files field, specify the path to the top-level PST folder (example above).
    Click Next.
    Step 2: User and domain information
    In the G Suite domain name field, specify the new primary G Suite domain where the data will be migrated.
    In the Service account credentials file field, specify the path to the JSON credentials file created as part of the authorization process.
    In the G Suite admin user field, specify the full email address of your G Suite domain super administrator.
    Click Next to specify the migration settings.
    Step 3: Migration settings
    (Option 1) To migrate directly to G Suite, follow these steps:

    Select the checkbox for each type of data you want to migrate: email, calendar, or contacts.
    In the File of accounts to migrate field, specify the path to the CSV file of user accounts you're migrating.
    Click Next.
    (Option 2) To make messages subject to Vault, but not available in users' Gmail inboxes, follow these steps:

    Check the Email messages box as the type of data you want to migrate.
    Click Advanced Options.
    Check the Migrate to G Suite Vault box and click OK.
    Click Next.
    Step 4: Review migration settings
    Review the migration settings and optionally make changes.
    Select your migration actions:
    Migrate all data—When checked, the utility overwrites existing data during migration. When unchecked, duplicate messages are skipped.
    Save settings—When checked, the utility retains the current configuration for future use.
    Run Diagnostics—When checked, the utility verifies the configuration before running the migration.
    Estimate—When checked, the utility estimates the message count for the source users.
    Migrate—When checked, the utility performs the migration.
    Click Next.
    In the dialog that appears, specify the username and password for the Exchange administrator account you're using to open your users' mail stores.
    Tip: Selecting Remember my password bypasses this step in future migrations.

    Click Start to begin the migration process.


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