525 outlaw irs clutch nosie
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    525 outlaw irs clutch nosie

    I have had clutch noise that seems to get worse over time. It goes away pretty much 100 percent when I let out the clutch doesnt even have to move the bike. I'm guessing something to do with the basket. Any help would be great seems like something is always breaking but I love the way it rides

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    It’s probly been doing this since you’ve had it, right? Do you know how many hours on the clutch you have? Do you get metal in the oil screens on oil changes? If you’re talking about the clutch sqwuak when letting clutch out then it’s normal, mine did it before I had a rekluse along with a bunch of other RFS engines. If I were you I would just pull the cover over and inspect real quick. Make sure all is good, just to make certain.

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    As above... they’re a squawky clutch... my theory is that they’re sensible to oil life as they’ve got two metal on metal pressure faces at either end of the pack... ours was squawking before the clutch started stripping, the end plates were glazed with oil.

    Since replacing the clutch and changing the oil every 10-15hrs it’s been fine, no major issues. The glazing could’ve come from the slippage but no real bother since.

    Anyone else noticed anything about oil changes?

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    If you are talking about the harsh noise from the clutch, it is ... Polaris Outlaw 525 IRS-2011, lonestar plus 2 A Arms, cut MXR front


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