Long time no see my friends!!!
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    Cool Long time no see my friends!!!

    I hope all is well with those that I know and welcome to those whom I don't. I've often wondered how everyone is doing over here... For those who don't know who I am; I am the original owner who developed this community to serve and fill a glaring void in the industry for what was then the new KTM ATV's. The idea for KTMATVHQ was born in September 2007 soon after I got my 525XC; I began site development immediately and the community went live February 13, 2008. With a little math one can see that in a few weeks KTMATVHQ will turn 5!!!For some reason when the communities new ownership decided to migrate to the new software my accounts somehow got disabled... Tonight I was looking though my email spam folder and had received an email from a member inquiring about stickers. So after I responded to him, it got me to thinking about how to re-enabled my accounts without raising too many eyebrows. I ended up getting lucky and was able to slide in through an old dummy account that I had hid before the site was ever live. It's been quite some time since I have been able to log on; looks like around June 2011!!! I'm glad to see that Kiwi and his mods have been taking care of the community since I left. They all make me very proud!!!All is well for me and my family!!! For those who might remember, soon after I brought the community online my wife and I welcomed identical twin boys to our family... It's hard to believe that in March they will turn 5 and our daughter will be 10!!!As most know I sold my KTM in mid 2010 and turned my focus solely to my RZR which was beyond wicked!!! I parted my RZR out from Jan - Aug 2012 and I still have a Wasteland Ranger (4-seater) and Mule for hunting. Now that my kids are getting older and taking interest I see quads making a return to my garage sometime in the future.Again it is good to be back and I will make it an effort to stop by and check in at least once every week or two. I hope all is well and am glad to see how healthy the community is; without Kiwi and his team of dedicated mods this place would of died long ago!!!Bronson

    214.533.5358 cel.
    [email protected]

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    Thanks bronson. Good to see you. As you'll see the quality of the forum hasn't dropped since you were last kicking about.

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    Hey boss, thanks for the kind words. Hows the knee ? Yeah time sure has flown along !
    KTM 505 SX: Web cams / 13.5:1 custom CP / balanced and modded crank / custom Vortex X10 ignition / Ported head / 43.5mm billet centre bored carb / KTM Akrapovic muffler / Mino hi vol water pump / 12 deg flexx's / houser stem / elka 5 / PEP PB1's and PEP LT rear / Walsh Flow A Arms / Quad tech seat & Foam / CF nose / FCI intake / relocated batt box / KTM Bill header / KTM factory SS Oil Pump setup / Manual cam chain tensioner Next round of mods: oil cooler........ the NEW TOP DOG 114 hrs…. best race engine I've owned

    KTM 554 XC
    : sx style crank, light weight SXF flywheel, TT sxf stator, steel linered cylinder, custom JE piston ceramic coating, plus 1 ported head / 807 cam, 43.5mm carb. Mino hi vol water pump. KTM Bill custom exhaust, FCI intake, JB A Arms, PEP PB1s front LT and rear , Lonestar axle, 12 deg Flexx's, CF nose, elka 3 steering damper, KTM factory nerfs, factory white plastic and graphics / gell cell battery Next round of mods: oil cooler........

    gotta stop spending $$$ on these KTM's...…..

    Polaris Outlaw 525 IRS - 2011
    , lonestar plus 2 A Arms, cut MXR front shocks (minus 1 ") with ZPS / ttripple rate, FUJ rear suspension rear shock mount units drops ride height 2", FUJ HD adj sway bar, 1.5” rear billet wheel spacers, Polaris nerfs, bumper and rear rack, Yoshi competition slip on, Pro Taper bars, acerbis hand guards, Trailtech GPS with billet protector. KTM throttle / Honda Front master cylinder and shorty lever / 41mm carb & hi flow intake runner / big filter / Billet FCR transition ring. Modified rear spring package / rear revalve.

    next round of mods: 8/33 cam, Hi Flow water pump and 540 cylinder / wossner piston waiting to go in, fastway 3 steering damper ala KTM setup, custom header using KTM XC header as a starting piece, light flywheel setup.
    gotta have something to modify this year !

    LTR 450
    , My Wife Nicola's ride & my back up mxer - 493 BB / JE piston / special order Yoshi motard cams / custom fueling map / tcs LT ZPS front end setup, TCS rear ZPS revalve / ims tank / TB exhaust / power commander / proflo - K&N / 14 deg flexx's / race nerfs / armadillo bumper/ Denton damper, next round of mods: ported head and carillo rod...... the clark kent of the ATV trio ! 210 hrs and still going strong ! the BB kit transformed this machine, it hauls the mail now !!!!

    A garage full of wheels and tires for them all........ speedway / sand / MX / cross country, over 30 at last count all on rims ready to rock

    NZ # 1 Vets champ 2013
    NZ Vets (40+) North Island MX champ 08, 09, 12 & 13
    NZ TT champ Vets (40+) 06, 08, 09,12 & 13
    Auckland ATV Club Sprint Series Champ 04, 05, 06, 07, 08, 09, 11, 12 & 13
    hope to get a good season in for the remainder of 2014.......finding time to ride being the biggest problem !

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    Nice to see you were able to make it back! The side by sides are over rated anyways get those kids some bikes ASAP!
    99mm thumper cylinder 15:1 comp, Crankworks billet stroker, Custom Carrillo short rod, Racers edge +4ti head, 48mm hsr carb, Shortened and stretched trx fci intake, Custom programmed vortex

    296lbs ready to ride. This might be the fastest ktm duner in the world

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    Hey Bronson - how u doing ? How's the knee ??


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    Welcome back! Thanks for the forum learned quite a bit on here.
    Factory 540 BB, 12:5:1 CP piston, 8/33 cam, 911 ported head KW +1 valves, 43.5 carb emulsion & dual squirt, 505SXF CDI, Rekluse clutch, IMS tank, KTM Bill exhaust & skidplate, Hammerhead shifter, dual fans, Precision pro dampner, Houser A-arms & nerfs, Rigid lights, Carbon fiber engine mounts, Action Motorsports battery relocator

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    Nice to see you again! We need some pictures and details about that Rzr!
    2009 Polaris Outlaw 690S
    2007 Suzuki LTR450
    2012 Polaris Sportsman 850 EPS

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    I don't know ya but just want to say thanks for making the forums as it has been a great help to me with my KTM and the people on here are very helpful with anything that is needed.

    Again thanks for making a great forum.
    2008 KTM 450 XC:
    New build for 2013!!!

    Thanks to my sponsors for 2013 (So Far)
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    Fasst Co.
    Rath Racing

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    Hello again to the original big ore king
    2008 525xc
    Hipers tech 3/orange rings, Houser nerfs and A-Arms,KTM front bumper and case saver, Promadd hand guards,Pro Tapper Bars,KTM Bill full exhaust,Thumper 540DC Cycle kit w/port job, Fast Rancharo jetting, Fuel Customs Intake,Twin Fans,Four Werx hood, graphics,and seat cover, Dirtworks rear grab bar,24v kit, frame gusset, and Fox front and Ohlin rear.Rekluse clutch, Razr II front Xc rears,Walsh stem, Honda throtle,Percision anti-vibe clamps,Scotts stering stabilizer,IMS clear tank

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    Welcome back
    Chad Reed #90 Pro ATVA Nationals
    sponsor's 2013
    ALL 4 RACING L.L.C. Racing products Bills Headers


    Village Motorsports
    PEP Racing Shocks
    Four Werx Carbon
    Web Racing Cams
    Dirt Tricks
    Volairathon Machining

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    Glad to hear you are back. I'm not a heavily active member here, but I do enjoy going throught the threads to see what is new from time to time. It seems like its a bit slow around here and I can't help but wonder if it's because of the lack of new owners out there. I sure hope they bring the ATVs back the the states soon. On one hand I enjoy being one of the few owners of the now-rare KTM, but on the other, it's kind of lonely and a bit worrysome for what the future holds for parts.
    2008 KTM 450xc
    Thumper 540 kit with CP piston at 12.5 compression, 8/33 cam, High Flow water pump, SX seat, SX a-arms and Rath hubs rear, SX intake, 14/37 gearing, Hiper wheels, Gafer brake lines, dash delete. SX pipe
    2009 Can Am Renegade 800

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    Hello there good sir! This place is like a wonderland full of everything I ever wanted to know about my quad. You are the man!


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